Sample #2: Ron Fejeran


Ron Fejeran

Fighter: Now warrior for Christ

"I grew up rough," Fejeran said, "I thought the normal way to settle differences was with a fight!"

MMA fight promoter turns warrior for Christ!

By Alex J. Rhowuniong

At one time, mixed martial arts professional fights were the center of his attention.

Now, Ron Fejeran has a new and wonderful focus--Jesus Christ!

Fejeran, 36, grew up in California. He eventually moved to Guam, where he is now raising a family, running a successful restaurant business near the University of Guam called Ron's Diner!

One of Fejeran's goal in life early on was to become wealthy at a young age, he said in his testimony in Church.

It was no surprise then that Fejeran soon became a businessman. He would have two or three businesses going at one time or another. And he was actually on track to achieve his goal of being rich in a few short years.

"I grew up rough," Fejeran said, "I thought the normal way to settle differences was with a fight!"

For years, one of his various businesses was "the promotion of professional fights... jiu-jitsu and wrestling."


Before Fejeran dedicated his life to Jesus, he enjoyed a lifestyle of partying--alcohol and cigarette smoking, among other things.


When his fighters expressed concern for his health, he discovered that parting from alcohol and cigarette was a challenge.


"Finally, I decided that my fighters made sense," he said. "So, I quit drinking beer, and drank wine, instead."


The fight-promoter turned restaurant owner added that his same friends told him to stop smoking also; so he "switched to chewing tobacco."


He realized he could not kick his dangerous habits which were slowly destroying his health until he gave his life to his Creator God years ago.


Today, Fejeran is constantly sharing about his Saviour, Jesus Christ to friends and strangers!


Most of his old ways have now been buried with his old habits and lifestyle. He has been "a new creation," the Bible says.


"I've removed a lot of things that prevented people from seeing God in me," he said, "whatever is not good for my witness."


Fejeran's conversion story began when he found himself on the floor of his home with a chest pain; his wife, Natasha Fejeran, and his daughter were beside him... Bibles in hand.


"God was pressuring me on the chest, literally!" Ron Fejeran also said.


Eventually, with the help of his friend Bill Sablan, Fejeran discovered Joy FM and started listening to Bible Answers Live! a radio program that answers all of life questions straight out of the Bible.


In no time, Ron Fejeran started listening to other wonderful and Bible-based programs from the radio station.


"Whenever my friend Bill rode with me," began Ron Fejeran about his initial introduction to what is now his favorite, and only, radio station; "he would change the car radio to Joy FM."


And everytime Sablan visited Ron Fejeran's home, he'd turn Ron Fejeran's  radio dial to Joy FM. Then, he'd quickly leave.


Soon Jesus--through Doug Batchelor's Bible Answers Live! and other preaching programs out of Joy FM--began "walking and talking"  with Ron Fejeran.


In no time, the now-restaurant owner found a Bible-believing church to attend.


Today, Ron Fejeran continues to listen to Joy FM and Bible Ansers Live! with his whole family. In fact, whenever there is interruption in the program on air, Ron Fejeran was always the first person to call it in.


"I listen to the station everyday, and I'd alway have my Bible in hand," he said


Ron Fejeran, for a few years now, has been a preacher and devout Christian warrior/Bible worker sharpening his sword daily by reading and studying the word of God.