case study Sample #4: Memola Satoshi

Joy FM radio is listener's 'joy,' literally!

By Alex J. Rhowuniong

She was not proud of her past filled with drugs and immoral living! Severe head-aches, heart-aches and discouragement were just a few of the problems that plagued her life daily.


In fact, Memola Satoshi knew no other kind of life...

at least, not until she started attending a series of Bible studies in the village of Dededo, Guam.


A year later, long story short, Satoshi surrendered her life to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!


Today, she reads her Bible daily, feeding on the holy words of God and listening to Joy FM, her now favorite radio station, supplementing and strengthening her Bible experience.


“Unshackled!” she said is her favorite program at the family friendly radio station. It is, in fact, one of a few programs that have actually grabbed a hold of Satoshi’s heart and kept it close to Jesus.


Not only does she still devour her share of the program whenever she can, but she has also picked up other favorites:


“Like Bible Answers Live!, Adventures in Odyssey, and many others,” she said.  


When Satoshi is not reading the Scripture, listening to Joy FM, her audible bible, is her second favorite activity of choice.


The Word of God has had an incredible way of holding her attention that she just gets glued, undisturbed, to the radio station.


In a word, the University of Guam student said her radio station is literally her, “Joy!”



Satoshi’s love affair with Joy (as faithful listeners call their radio station) started back in 2011; when she first encountered the love of Jesus--and it melted her heart--through none other than, Unshackled!  


“Joy, that time, really touched my heart in a way I cannot explain,” she said in an interview. “Still does!”


But it was a chanced meeting with her mentors-- Pastor Willy Nobuo, his wife Hatsumi Nobuo and fellow bible worker, Marcella Kintaro--that first set up Satoshi for the amazing encounter.


“Memo came to a bible study we conducted at a home of one of her relatives’ where she was staying at the time,” said the Seventh-day Adventist pastor. “The bible study was not even for her.”


But after the first study, the pastor and his team followed and continued their study with Satoshi when she later moved to another relative’s house.


Many weeks later, explained Willy Nobuo, the Holy Spirit continued to impress and lead him and his team to pursue the young lady.


They kept her curious enough of the things of God in the bible. And when it was time for the pastor to conduct a public bible study in the village, Satoshi was the first one to get invited.


She explained later that what her mentors saw in her by the grace of God, she did not at the time feel at all.


“In fact, I was not into the (bible study),” Satoshi said. “I was just going along with it.”


But God had decided, added Satoshi, it was time for His precious daughter to come out of sin, and come home into His marvellous light.


Eventually, she was riding with member of the team in their cars and noticed that all of them listened to this Christian radio station: “All the time!”


The first time she rode with them, a song from her home island came on the air. It caught her by a pleasant surprised.


But it was her now all-time favorite program, Unshackled!, that just floored her, arrested her heart and held her in a most beautiful way.


The appeal for her via the program has always been God’s love shining crystal clear through the program’s many stories of people with difficult lives.


“I love (Joy FM) because of Unshackled! It has many stories of people who went through tough, hard times,” Satoshi said. “And God’s always able to deliver and change their lives for the better!”


Today, Satoshi’s own life has gone 380 degrees--just like the people in the stories she faithfully listens to.


In fact, right now, she’s a missionary sharing and broadcasting the love of God, the Good News, to little children in schools in the Marshall Islands.


And her radio station, Joy FM?

Well, on Guam, she had not listened to any radio station since her encounter with Joy’s Unshackled!


And, she is blessed today her radio station has reached the flat-lands of the Marshalls east of Guam… sort of following her there.


When asked to describe her radio station in one word, she said without hesitation: “Joy!”


Joy through her station filled her heart when she was on Guam. It continues to rule her heart hundreds of miles away across the vast Pacific Ocean.


Satoshi has temporarily put her Social Worker or Christian Family and Marriage Counselor degree on hold from UOG as she bows in favor to Jesus’ command to reach the world with His love.


Somewhere, sometime… when it suits her God, she plans to get married, settles down and raises a family.


“Again, if that’s all in God’s plan for me,” she said, a huge smile spread across her face.