Alex is an extremely responsible and dedicated professional who understands the importance of meeting deadlines. His journalism training in college formed his understanding of and commitment to meeting deadlines. His faith-filled personal life adds a sense of duty and respect for ensuring that his clients' needs are met.  

His writing is easy to read, but not simplistic. He likes to write from the perspective of the reader rather than from a selfish way to prove his writing ability. His style of writing captures the essence of the stories he's written without being disrespectful to the complexity of issues. I think this gift of touching the reader comes from his own  respectful treatment of others.

Alex has significantly impacted my cause as a political candidate (for the Federated States of Micronesia Congress).

First, the fact that he's willing to listen and respectfully write feature stories from my perspective stays true to who I am.


Secondly, Alex has a gift of listening, taking notes, and then transforms what seems insignificant history or data into useful information for the reader.

Thirdly, Alex's articles have led to some rethinking of my political campaign; the clarity of his writing has led to my changing the messaging approach to issues because his description of viewpoints were better articulated than mine. As such he has contributed to the improvement of my messaging.

Overall, I would describe Alex as a personable, approachable, respectful, talented writer. His writing style is clear without being simplistic. He writes for the readers without sacrificing the complexity of any issue. He writes from a place of respect for the subject without compromising objectivity. I completely trust Alex to write articles that capture the essence of the human subject. The fact that he respectfully puts his clients needs above his out of a sense of duty to a life of service is an added bonus.


Dr. Vid S. Raatior

"(Alex) respectfully puts his clients needs above his out of a sense of duty to a life of service."


Dr. Vid S. Raatior
Consultant, Pacific-focused education
Raatior Venture
2713 Subec Lane,
Soquel, CA 95073