With an extensive background in mass media communications--television, radio and newspaper--Alex J. Rhowuniong (pronounced, row-oon-young) possesses a strong foundation in research and news reporting... sports, city, business, editorial, column, feature & script writing.


Since becoming member of the American Writers & Artists Inc., in 2011, Rhowuniong has added copywriting to his repertoire of professional writing skills— with various niches including: autoresponders, blog postings, brochures, case studies, direct response, e-mail, e-newsletters, press releases, social media, video scripts, sales letters, SEOs, special reports, web writing, and many more.

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A case studies specialist, Rhowuniong is our lead writer here. We cater, primarily, to small to mid-size business owners and marketing managers.


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  • He has written case studies for RC Communications Center and Joy FM radio since December 2008.

  • He's written well over thousands of articles for local publications in Guam and the Micronesia area for the last 30 years, including:

  • Pacific Daily News-USA Today Network, 

  • Pacific Island Times Magazine,

  • Marianas Variety Guam Edition (renamed, The Guam Daily Post), 

  • Guam Business Magazine,

  • Marianas Business Journal,

  • MDM (Marine Drive Magazine),

  • GSS (Guam Super Shoppers magazine),

  • Kaselehlie Press... and more.