ARE case studIES expensive?

Why are case studies so expensive?

Is this also your question?

For a new business owner, even industry rates for a case study may be overwhelming. Such idea, from a marketing standpoint, is deceiving. 



First, in the big picture, case studies are not expensive at all. But if someone charges you dirt cheap for a case study ...  BEWARE!

In survey after survey in the copywriting world, case studies---also known as customer success stories---consistently rank in among the top three (3) lead generators in marketing industry. Usually, behind social media copywriting and white papers.

Folks who consume or use case studies on a regular basis know the true value. And they will tell you, you need to be weary of folks who do not know the actual value of this powerful marketing piece.


Charging way less may be because of the lack of knowledge in its value. Which may mean they had no real professional training in this area.

Second, to those new to the world of customer success stories, the initial investment maybe a lot of money. But in the long run, it becomes almost nothing compared to the compound return.

It is very true, a case study is extremely valuable! In fact, it more than compensates in its value what it's worth!

Consider this. You charge a big corporation $2,500 (industry's reasonable price) to write a case study for them. They then pay up. So, you crafted the marketing piece and submit it, finally.

Your client liked it.


A few weeks later, one of their customers bought a (long-time-overdue and much needed) $250,000 forklift truck (or piece of machinery) based on the case study you wrote. 

The next question then becomes: How expensive is your case study NOW, in light of what just happened?


But that's not all!


That same case study could possibly pull 2, 4 or 10 big-ticket customers like the first one into your client's store... just like that!


Then the "expensive" amount you charged for your compelling case study---which your new client initially fussed over---becomes nothing but a drop in the bucket, doesn't it? 

Now, friend, I'm not here to try to convince you about case studies. Ok. Maybe I am.


But, I truly just wanted to make sure you have covered as many bases as possible in order to grow your business exponentially.


Realize this though ... if you have not consumed nor used case studies before, then you are definitely leaving money on the table. Simple as that!

Understand, too, that there are many small business owners and professionals, including your competitions, who are making sure case studies are part of their sales teams' arsenal.


Those are the ones to whom case study writers gravitate--all the time.


They get it ... and they also get the pros who craft killer case studies, which simply means more money for their bottom-line!


If you were a newbie, I just thought you should know about this. But old timers like yourself knew all that already. Right?

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